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Inserting Cell phone Procedure.

First alongside cut is done in the web between your thumb and first finger. Your skin is then separated into two layers so the cell phone can be inserted. The patterned holes for the laser lights are then puncher into your web. This loose skin is then pulled back temporarily to make began the insertion of the cellphone. The cellphone is slowly inserted into the layer between your skin. Once the skins is pulled over the phone, the skin is then stitched up.

For the next four days you are to restrict any major movement in the hand that contains the cell phone, because the hand is the fasted healing part of our body, the cell phone should began to feel very comfortable. The cell will not shift around as the skin has healed around it. It should act very similar to a tattoo as it can ‘stretch, fold and move with your skin’. This cell phone is powered by ‘blood flow’ by an ‘arrays of vertically-alligned zinc-oxide nanowires that move inside a novel “zig-zag” plate electrode’.

The interface's surface is made virtually in space, it basically works like a touch screen.