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DeSForm Exhibition 2012: Making, Meaning, Matter; Fabricating Futures

This Desform Exhibition 2012 was a collaboratory project between Bettina Neu (creator), Simon Fraser, Tim Miller, Ruth Sumner, Jonathan Coats, Annelies Zwaan and myself. We worked both as individuals and also as a team. I was responsible for the visual and video design within the exhibition. The exhibition was organised by Victoria University of Wellington. However none of the videos are able to be shown on this website due to copy right reasons. However below is some of the speakers from the conference itself.

The exhibition opened on the 18th April, 2012.

DeSForM 2012: Keynote Speaker; Philip Beesley Diffusive Form and Near‐Living Environments

DeSForM 2012: Keynote Speaker; Neil Leach: Desiring Machines





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