© 2010 Lulin Ding

The concept of the form?

Today’s world we have become so integrated with technology that we feel as if its apart of us. The item, phone is something that we carry with us everywhere, we feel as if we are naked without it. This fundamental fact is the basis for my design.
The implant that is inserted into the hand.
This implant uses laser lights to form a interface. These laser lights are dermal anchors that are able to be replaced without taking the implant out. You could unscrew these laser lights and get new replacements.

There are two ridges that run on the opposite sides of the form, one is to restrict the movement of the thumb, the other is to have a solar panel that sits under the skin to power the phone.
This implant will not move inside your hand, as the skin heals around it and is firmly held in place. You can move it around like you would your skin and can distort, stretch, and fold like a tattoo.
It will be inserted into the part of the hand that is away from the tendons, so it will not get irritated or restrict the full movement of the hand. It is placed under the skin between web between the thumb and the first finger.