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Jamais Vu

Definition: The feeling of doing something for the first time despite having done it many times.

This product; JamaisVu is to create awareness of the loud environments experienced daily.

The intention of the project was to design a system that can interact with the peripheral of our attention.

Peripheral audio; the monitoring of daily/routine noise.

Information; the plant’s wellbeing is a reflection of your daily noise intake.

Context; the object is essentially about creating awareness of being in loud environments and what that does to your ears. It's an object someone takes with them everywhere, that monitors their noise intake. This object is not there to judge them but rather there is a symbiotic relationship that encourages the user to spend a few minutes each day in a quiet place, to feed their plant. Only in quiet places is the plant able to be fed.

Ears don’t have ear lids so we have to take extra care to protect them. We are bringing up a generation of deaf people, this is caused by headphone abuse and constant traffic noise.

'Jamais vu' is an object that acts as a tamagotchi plant.“[…] starts to share your real time, or rather, it starts to force you to synchronise with the time articulated by its biological state: hunger, sleepiness, boredom etc.”17 I hoped that by making my object more like a Tamagotchi pet, the person would start to care more about the welfare of the plant and the quiet
environment that it needs, and that this would in turn make them more aware of their own discomfort with being in an environment filled with background noise. After doing several user tests the results came back to confirm my assumptions; several users were surprised by the noise they hear on a daily bases. One user in particular said that they never before noticed the amount of self
inflected noise that they create as soon as they enter their household. After noticing the folded leaves of the plant they turned off the usually constant music they have in the background, then seeing that the plant leaves still failed to open up, turned off their television as well. I asked the users if they were bothered by the lack of noise in their surroundings after adjusting for the plants,
which they weren’t. They said they were too worried that they might have harmed the plant with their usual habits.

The plant could act as the user’s ears; when there are loud noises present in the environment
the plants leaves fold up to signal this to the user. After folding up It takes approximately 5 minutes for the plant to open up again, and this too is almost a representation of your ears trying to recover after being exposed to a loud environment. This idea of using the plant as a measure of how much noise we are exposed to rather than a providing an accurate digital measurement, is to train the user to start taking notice of the everyday peripheral sound they hear. Rather than
being a personal ‘noise meter’, the plant is simply acts as a reminder of the sound levels that are around us.

 A mini quarantine test tube containing a small plant.
 A vessel containing a fixed amount of water to be refilled daily by the user.
 A simple self feeding system that feeds a measured dosage of water to the plant once the user has accumulated 20 minutes of time spent in sufficiently quiet environments. The water supply contains 6 dosages of water, which equates to 3 hours of silence the user will need to be exposed to each day to keep the plant healthy.
 The object is attached as a necklace, providing portability in a way that protects the plant as well as emphasising its preciousness, and in turn the preciousness of one’s own

This system creates awareness of the noise that exists in our daily life; whether it be self inflected or environmental noise we have just become accustomed to.

With this object I hope to raise awareness to the noise intake we go through daily.

Its dimension is approximately 50mm x 50mm x 10mm.