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The Promiscuous Teapot

The Promiscuous Teapot is inspired by looking at the undergarment bloomers and the act of the male’s pervasive nature of looking up the skirts of beautiful females. It’s similar to the game of mating, where a male peacock will spread his tale to attract female peacocks. In this case when the female is in a stationary position, the undergarment’s tessellated pattern will start to move to attract the gaze of her intended audience. The more exaggerated the movement of the tessellated pattern is the more active the female has been moving around.

The Promiscuous Teapot was presented at the UX11 Experience Design Forum ‘play room’ held by the Ministry of Science + Innovation in Te Papa Museum, New Zeland.

The Tessellated Pattern ‘dodecagon flagstone’, was originally uploaded by EricGjerde.

The code was written with the help of Rohan Hill.

The undergarment was worn under the Karen Walker dress. Its not related to the Karen Walker Brand, I am only using it as its fluidness suits the puffed up look of the undergarment.